Building your
dream home.

Building your dream home is extremely exciting. But sometimes it can be a little difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve provided some helpful links to guide you through the land purchase and home building process. You should also refer to the Due Diligent Checklist before entering into any property purchase.

  • Stamp Duty & Grant Information

    The State Revenue Office is the Government body that administers Stamp Duty. To access information on available grants and to calculate the stamp duty due, visit:

  • Mortgage Repayment Calculator

    This website features some helpful tools for those looking to purchase now or in the future:

  • Choosing a Solicitor

    We recommend appointing a solicitor to review your contract for you, and they will also be vital during the settlement process. The Law Institute of Victoria website can help you find a local solicitor:

  • Local Council Information

    With information on everything from building permits and the local Government budget, to news, upcoming events and things to do around Clyde, the City of Casey website is a great resource:

  • Consumer Affairs Buyer’s Checklist

    Choosing to purchase any property is a big decision. So before proceeding with your purchase, please refer to the Due Diligent Checklist to ensure you clearly understand the agreement you are entering into. Please see the Hartleigh Estate Manager for a hard copy or view the checklist here at:

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